Snowy Day 1-20-09

Snowy Day 1-20-09
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And, I'm still STANDING!!!

If a person ONLY gets their information from the mainstream media and never looks beyond what is presented, their thoughts of what is going on are very jaded.

I've been voting since 1980 and I've never agreed 100% with any elected official. Even my favorite president, Ronald Reagan, had his moments. I've been married for almost 25 years and I don't 100% agree with my husband, either. So I am not focusing on finding a politician that I 100% agree with because I know better.

I did support Bush, both times! I'm not ashamed or apologetic about that. My goodness, the man stood up before a nation and prayed to the Creator of the Universe on behalf of the people he represented. He wasn't ashamed, or didn't feel his countrymen too diverse to put forth his true, heartfelt beliefs.

And yes, I supported John McCain because as the choices were presented I knew I couldn't support Obama. Obama stands for a vast majority of things I stand against. I am not ashamed or apologetic of that either. I am an American, that is my right but more importantly, my resonsibility!

I can't vote for a man who in 2007 gave a speech to Planned Parenthood telling how he would support abortion for all females; then in 2008 told the nation at the Saddleback forum that identifying the beginning of life was above his pay grade; and then a few days after the inauguration with a stroke of his pen he suddenly feels conception is NOT above his pay grade anymore. He either can't remember what he stands for or is flat out lying. Either way, I'm not a supporter of an alzheimer's victim or a liar for president.

We really knew where he stood no matter what he said because his record in the Illinios senate bore that out. The man voted at least 4 times to promote abortion at all costs. He voted to strip the rights of American citizens who survived an abortion gone wrong (right?). He told you and me the wording wasn't right. Yet, if you look at what really happened you see he insisted certain wording be added so it would align with what was past at the federal level. Once that wording was included he still voted against it. Now I say, "Liar, liar pants on fire!" I'm okay with being a little juvenile too! I'm an old lady and every chance I get I try to take it!

I'm not inclined to support a man who in less than 3 months has racked up a larger deficit that any previous administration in all of their years combined. But yet, every time he goes to talk about why he's doing what he's doing he blames the previous administration for the mess they left him. And acts like that's all he should have to say.

If we can pull our thoughts back to the memory station and remember what the previous administration had been doing those past 8 years we will recall that the last 2 years no one got anything productive done because congress refused to promote anything that was good for this country for no other reason than partisianship. Then the 2 years before that there was enough of a majority in the house and senate that many things Bush tried to get done for the betterment of the American citizens was filibustered--through yet more partisianship. So Obama's excuse is nothing more than passing the buck and it's very unbecoming a man or woman in his position.

Not to mention--I've been paying bills for our household for a long time. We've been in financial trouble before--you can't spend your way out of financial issues! It doesn't work--It has never worked and will never work, not on the personal level and certainly not on the national level. For the man to get up and say ONLY the federal government can get us out of this mess simply shows his ignorance. He can't remember, or has never understood, who the federal government is, or who they are employed by.

We the people have to pay every bill they commit themselves to. Essentially they are commiting us to those bills. We are trying to grab the checkbook and say, "Oh no you don't! We don't have the money for that and it is NOT in our best interest to obligate ourselves to that." The man can say oh yeah we will spend, spend, spend and then we will have money to pay, pay, pay but does he understand the spending and the paying are coming out of the same wallet?

I can't support a man who voluntarily sat and listened to a man get up and preach the damning of America; and his wife, who said she was never proud of her country before her husband ran for the greatest office in the land. (I guess she wasn't proud of anything going on in Illinois either). And now, in that same vein we have your representative and mine globe trotting with the message that he doesn't like the American people either. He apparently hasn't been proud of his country either. He thinks we have been arrogant, derisive and divisive all of these years. And right near the shores of Normandy. You young people need to pull out those old dusty history books, you might not get the true info from the internet--it's being changed to fit what they want to suit the next generation of tickled ears. You might want to sit down and talk to that grandfather or great uncle. Let them tell you what America was all about. Let them tell you how hurt and betrayed they are to hear someone from their own country say they are arrogant.

And, now his own administration has turned us against ourselves. He issued a proclamation that people who don't like BIG government; those who believe abortion is wrong; those who are returning from foreign lands they went to, to protect; those who think illegal immigration ought to be "illegal"; just might be right-wing extremists and involved in terror activities. They won't call internatiional terrorists, terrorist but they don't have a problem calling their own people terrorists. I'm quite upset and mighty angry at such a screwed up administration.

And some want to still claim to not understand why American's would be upset now and not before. I'll tell you--before we were being attacked from without and our within was being protected. Now our without and our within is being attacked by the very people someone(?) voted in to protect our without and our within.

See The Light

See The Light

North Carolina Fall 2008

North Carolina Fall 2008

God's Amazing Beauty

God's Amazing Beauty

Quiet Country

Quiet Country

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eduardo Verástegui speaks on Obama

Just wanted to post this. This is the guy that made the film "Bella". He makes a plea to the hispanic community to vote against Obama because of the abortion issue. I don't agree with everything he said about wanting to eliminate the hispanics but the abortion issue is my hot button. If we have the audacity to kill our young and old, we are a doomed nation and it just must be stopped!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Watermelons and Pumpkins Collide

I drove by a little local fruit stand yesterday and the thought occurred to me how much I really like this time of year. My favorite time of year is Christmas, there's no denying that! But this is probably my second favorite time of year.

There's something to be said for structure. I love summer and the unstructured freedom it affords in my life but once August comes and I know a much more structured routine is on the way, it is comforting! I really look forward to it.

At this time most every school in the country has started. The routine has begun. Most are not quite settled in the routine but are well on our way to making the adjustment. The days are still warm but the nights are getting a little cooler, (I know those in Florida haven't had that yet. Their air conditioners are still running full blast as they have since March). But the rest of us are watching for the little subtle changes and know they aren't far.

As I passed this fruit stand I saw a large wooden wheel barrow out front full of watermelons. And beyond that up on a shelf was a line of pumpkins. It occurred to me that, that was an odd sight. We don't really associate watermelons and pumpkins coming together at the same time. But there they were, right there at the same fruit stand, on the same day.

I was thinking about watermelons and how nice they are. How refreshing they are on a hot summer day. I realized their time was fleeting. That is probably the last wheelbarrow full of watermelons we will see until next summer. It caused me to remember the last watermelon I ate. I was in Pennsylvania at my aunt's house. We had, had a fabulous 50th wedding anniversary and a family reunion and it was the last few minutes I would have with them and my parent's before we departed for home. It was great and just the way I like it--civilized.

I like my watermelon civilized. As a child we were given a slice of watermelon with the rind attached (as a handle) and told to go outside. Of course, all of the guys would want to have spitting contests. I'm not sure if they even liked watermelon or just the chance to spit! The juice would drip down your chin to your clothes and eventually wind up on your feet (because of course, we were barefooted-that's how we were in Florida). I just about quit eating watermelon because it just was not a civilized activity! That is until I became a little older and realized I could cut the "meat" off the rind and place it on a plate. Then remove the seeds, cut the "meat", add a little salt and enjoy. I didn't have to mess up my clothes or have a footwashin' when I was through! So I very much prefer my watermelon, civilized!

At the recent consumption of the watermelon at my aunt's house the guys were still guys. They sat outside spitting seeds while I was very content to sit in the air conditioning and eat mine with a FORK!

As I passed by that fruit stand I thought about pumpkins. As the watermelons disappear and pumpkins show up in all shapes and sizes it turns our thoughts to harvest time. The scarecrows in the fields let us know the farmer's have worked to protect their crops and the pumpkins on the shelves, the corn sitting beside them, the beans in the bin, etc. let us know it has worked.

But before we give too much credit to man alone, this time of year reminds me that it is God's hand that has set the harvest on the table. God gave us the soil to put the seed in. He gave us the seed. He provided the rain to water the earth and the sun to cause the seed to wish to push through the earth and make it's way in the direction of that nourishing orb. Harvest is the representation of man's hard work, but it still could not have happened without God provision. We've all seen what a dried up patch of corn looks like. We know if rain doesn't come at a certain time the corn will not be able to survive. We know if too much rain comes the roots rot and the stalks cannot be maintained.

So as I turned from the watermelons to the pumpkins my thoughts went to God's mighty harvest which brought me to a verse. After the flood Noah set about making an altar to worship the Lord on. After his sacrifice God pronounced a promise. It went like this, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." Gen. 8:22. We have God's promise that as long as the earth exists there will be seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night.

That's a great blessing to think about during this season of our year. While all of the wild and wooly things are going on around us, God is there. He is there keeping the earth, causing seedtime and harvest. Aren't you glad?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Global Threat verses Global Warming

As I see it, we are certainly a country divided.

There are those who seem to want to put their head in the sand about the Global Threats we face and instead want to focus all of their energies into the questionable threat of Global Warming. The left just simply refuses to recognize that there is a Global Threat from very unscrupulous people who are bent on nothing more than destroying America and ALL who stand in it and for it. They can't fathom the danger that every American man, woman, boy & girl face each and every day. The left, with the media adhered to their sides, seem to have an attitude of, "If we ignore them, they will go away." "If we play nicely with them, they will play nicely with us." How unrealistic can they be?

When will they recognize the terrorist movement is not a political machine, it is a religion. A religion that demands a follower do all within it's power to defeat the enemy and guess what? We are the enemy, America! America is the enemy! We are in danger. We are threatened, every single day! They (the terrorist, Muslims to be exact) have declared war on us. We did not declare war on them, first. They did. They determined years before 9-11-01 to be at war with ALL other religions. They have set about bringing their own agenda to pass. They are on the warpath. And here we sit, gripping and complaining about Bush taking us into an "unpopular war". Bush only declared war on them after they destroyed thousands of innocent lives!

Specifically, the Muslim faith. The Muslim faith declares that all who refuse to believe in their religion are to be extinguished. We don't want to hear it. We have been fed this bull hockey line about that being the case ONLY with the extremist Muslim, not your ordinary, run of the mill Muslim, but read their literature. Read the Koran, it says their greatest accomplishment is to kill unbelievers. They can attain to no greater honor.

Yet, here we sit with our heads up the Global Warming Gore butts focused on a threat that may or may not be real and we may or may not have any ability to affect any kind of change in or on the environment. We ignore the real threat to focus on a supposed threat that is not even in the forecast for 100's of years. In 100's of years we may not have to worry about Global Warming, we may be a vapor in the past because we are choosing to ignore the right here, right now threat.

So let's set aside Global Warming for a minute and humor me and let's talk about Global Muslim. The Muslim faith, Islam, seeks to infiltrate the globe. They have determined long ago to skirt open carnage and instead slowly and meticulously position themselves to emerge victorious. The outward "Holy War" is a smokescreen for all of the behind the scenes activities that are making their agenda look more and more appealing. We thought 9-11 was massive yet their agenda makes 9-11 look like child's play.

And, unfortunately, we are playing right into their hands. The left, with their Velcroed media, just refuses to even comprehend the menace that we face and the dangers they represent. They refuse to even acknowledge there is a treat. And I know this because Barack Obama is running for the highest office in our land and the background information provided by him and on him is so questionable it is scary and the left and their media has refused to investigate further than Obama's mouth.

How often have any of us believed what a politician has said? We lost trust in what they say long, long ago. As a society we are forced to instead look at what motivators they have (i.e. the money trail), and what their past has produced (i.e. voting record and non-voting record; associations, etc.). And the reason I can say with certainty that the left and media have refused to see the obvious is because they refuse to even investigate Barack Obama and his ties to the very terrorists that catapult danger into American's lives.

Check out this article about Obama and his connections (i.e. money trail, associations).

Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 5:58 PM
By: Kenneth R. Timmerman

This is scary! Much more frightening than any Global Warming seminar can ever hope to produce. Here we have this man one step away from the White House and everything we hold dear in America and yet he is beholden straight to the enemy. What in the world are we thinking?

This youtube video is this man telling about the association between Obama and our enemies.

Percy Sutton Reveals Association Between Khalid al-Mansour and Obama at Age 25

I'd say you heard it from the horses mouth. Now how do we know he doesn't have deep reasons for giving precedence to America's enemy? No matter what he says. We must think for ourselves America. We cannot go around depending on the media to provide the truthful answers we seek. It is our obligation and responsibility!

Disrespectful Associate Press

I just wanted to post this, most recent letter, I sent to the Associate Press. It identifies a specific disrespectful comment by a reporter today and alludes to the many disrespectful comments made over the last 5-7 years by Associated Press reporters. I've tried to explain to them "The unpopular president" is a matter of opinion and should be kept on the opinion page, not in everyday reporting.

I doubt they will listen, but sound the alarm I must.

And hey! The address is below, feel free to lift it and write your own letter!

September 10, 2008

The Associated Press
450 W. 33rd St.
New York, NY 10001

RE: Disrespectful reporting

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing in regards to the continual disrespectfulness of the reporter's in your employ. Over the past 5-7 years I have read and/or heard report after report brought by various Associated Press reporters that show absolutely no respect to the office of president of the United States of America.

Over and over and over again President Bush is referred to as "the unpopular president". This phrase, almost without exception, prefaces his name in every article the Associated Press releases. This may be news to you, but he is NOT unpopular to the whole populous.

Some people really appreciate the protection he has harnessed, the stances he has made in the face of disgruntled media reports, and the fact that he has continuously made policy based on what he feels is best for the United States of America, even if some of the people don't like it. He obviously, is not out for a popularity contest. The thing some appreciate the most is the fact that he has been faithful, faithful to his wife and faithful to the people of the United States of America.
Yet, you the agency who is supposed to bring unbiased reporting to inform the American people of the facts continuously disrespects this man and his administration by throwing in various phrases that are anything but unbiased.

Case in point, "The unpopular president" is a matter of opinion and should be reserved for the opinion pages, NOT mainstream reporting. That is a very biased statement.
This brings me to the report that initiated this contact in the first place.

Bush, Babs to find common ground in Kennedy

Tuesday, September 9, 2008 11:18 PM EDT
The Associated Press
By BRETT ZONGKER Associated Press Writer

Within the body of this story, that circulated all over the internet on September 10, 2008 your reporter, Brett Zongker, referred to the president of the greatest nation on the planet as a "lame-duck host".

"Not all the honorees are hoping their lame-duck host will be preparing to hand the keys to the White House over to a Democrat: Jones said he usually leans toward supporting Democrats, but is backing McCain this year because of his experience."

That is simply again a matter of opinion, but more important than that, is the absolute disdain and disrespectfulness shown to the president. Like it or not, he IS the president and deserves respect. If you cannot find it within yourself to respect him then you at least should respect America enough not to condone such awful remarks of our Commander In Chief. It is a terrible precedence portrayed to the rest of the world, who is just waiting, looking for every opportunity to attack American and destroy everything we hold dear.

The general press of the 21st century almost acts as if the global threat from those who wish to destroy the America that we know doesn't exist. I would like to know, "What are you thinking?" How can the press continually push to present stories that do less to inform and more to destroy the America you claim to love? The world doesn't have to know what the military officials know about our enemies. The world shouldn't know. This gives the enemy a tremendous advantage and I say, "Shame on you, for putting me, and my family, at risk for your own gain." It's wrong and if terrorists again tromp on our shores, you will hold in your greedy little hand a large portion of the responsibility for the carnage. I hope you are prepared to deal with that. I actually hope you will stop and think about; not what is best for you, but instead; what is best for this country you claim to represent.

I would expect a response to how you are going to handle yourselves in the future. I may be reached at the above address and look forward to hearing from you.


Camille Rodgers

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Where are the questions????????????

If there was ever any doubt in anyone's mind about media bias, boy oh boy, they have shown their true colors this week in regards to Sarah Palin as choice for the Republican Vice Presidential nominee. The actual reigning president can get caught having an affair, with activity in the Oval Office, and they try their hardest to downplay it. Get impeached for heaven's sake and they ignore it as if it never happened. The Democratic nominee can attend a hate spewing church for 20 years and they suppress the story for months and months. His patriotism can be very questionable and it is swept under the rug. The same nominee can get an illegal, sweetheart housing deal and the media acts like it is perfectly fine for him to have acquired his house in that manner. He can go to other countries and talk about how bad his country is. The American people really aren't all that concerned they contend. But when the Republican Vice Presidential nominee's daughter is found to be pregnant, out of wedlock, it becomes headline news for days and days.

Where are all of these woman's rights groups who, at every other time in recent history, would be saying this doesn't matter? The girl had the right to have pre-marital sex, she has the right to discover her body and the young man as well. It's just a natural part of growing up. Isn't that all of the rhetoric we keep hearing about sexual activity in young people? Why doesn't it apply to Republican young people? Somehow Republican young people (or the children of them) are immune from the images they see splashed all over the TV encouraging every kind of immoral behaviour imaginable? Does the media actually think our children have some kind of wall around them?

I heard this week the media talking about John McCain voting against contraceptive education. As if to say, if there had been contraceptive education in the Alaskan schools this wouldn't have happened to this young girl. No one has yet to even wonder, "How many pregnancies have been avoided through the abstinence education?" No one cares how many children, young people, have made the decision, based on the truthful information presented to them, to refrain from all intercourse so they can be pure for their spouse. The media is convinced that doesn't happen, ever, in this society. No, they have just taken this young girl and made her the poster child for abstinence education, disregarding the fact that in every school in America, where contraceptive education is taught or not, there are pregnant, unwed young ladies that didn't heed that education either. But has the media reported on that? Have they tried to find statics in favor or against contraceptive and abstinence education? No, they are just sitting on their butts refusing to do their job as journalist.

I find the term contraceptive education a bizarre term because no high school program in America teaches exactly about contraceptive education. They don't teach what contraceptives actually do, or how they actually work. They don't teach that many contraceptives don't actually prevent conception. The moral issue for many religious segments is if a fetus is conceived then it has the right to life. Yet, so many contraceptive methods do not prevent conception. They only prevent the ability of the fetus to attach to the uterine wall. Conception can take place and the fetus survive several days while traveling down the fallopian tubes and once it enters the uterus it would normally attach to the uterine wall and the fetus would then gain nourishment and grow and develop. However, the hormonal contraceptives cause the uterine wall to become an unwelcoming environment for the fetus. The fetus can't find a place to attach so it is prevented from getting the nourishment to allow the fetus to grow. The pill, folks. The pill does this.

The most disturbing reaction from the media is they act like it's a death sentence. They act like the girl has committed the unpardonable sin and will never ever live again. This is where I wonder where the woman's rights groups are? Where are they to stand up for this young woman and say, "Hey, everyone has a right to make her own choice?" I guess they are all sitting around wondering why she didn't have that abortion they have worked so hard for her to have the right to have? It's not really an issue of Pro-Choice, it really is simply Pro-Abortion. An unplanned pregnancy is, after all, exactly why they think an abortion is okay. That's their contention--Don't want it? Get rid of it? It doesn't matter that this new life will be welcomed into this world in a few months, the girl will make arrangements to finish high school (if she hasn't already) and will be watching an eternal soul grow and do all those fantastic things babies do in that first year and all of the years beyond.

I feel really bad for this young lady. She is the one suffering the most by this. Other than the effect on this poor young lady, the media's reaction is almost comical. I keep thinking, "When are they going to do their actual job?" When are they going to get off their butts and go find out exactly who Sarah Palin is? The media has successfully communicated that she has a daughter who is pregnant, so what else? The American people want to know who Sarah Palin is, what has she done, when did she do it, where has she been, and how, how has she accomplished all of these things?

The media is going to be quite surprised if the Republican ticket gets in the White House and they have had all of this time to research this woman and they didn't. They are going to be wondering who she is and why she makes decisions like she does and it will be because instead of doing their job they sat around and talked about a non-issue for weeks on end.